The Blogging Mindset You Need to Start a Blog

Starting a blog is not that difficult. In fact, I will say it is easy to start a blog. The success of your blog will depend on your mindset. 

There are many bloggers who are very successful in their blogging career and earn six figures per month…

They are successful not because they are good at copywriting and digital marketing or marketing. They are successful because of their mindset. They treat their blog as a business.

I am not saying that all the other skills are not important. I just want you to have a proper mindset before you start a blog. So that you don’t quit in between.

You will find many blogs on how to start a blog but there are very few bloggers or experts in blogging field who talk about mindset.

Believe me…

Mindset is so so important…

Once you make up your mind and have a proper mindset. You will make tons of money like I earn $XXXX/Per Month.

The points that I am going to explain below are based on my personal experience. Don’t skip this section as this section will help you to be a top blogger in your niche.

Blogging as a Business, Not a Job: Treat your blogging as a business, not a job. Let me tell you what I used to do when I started my online career and I believe most of the newbie do the same. 

I checked my google analytics and different affiliate dashboard after every 5 to 10 minutes.

I was chasing the statistics and in return, I got nothing but frustrations and stress. I changed my approach and now everything is easy, enjoyable and smooth for me.

We generally look for short term profits and underestimate the long term goal. Go for long term goals.

Not a single famous blogger who earns in six-figure got overnight success. The sooner you understand this the better it will be.

I started to take my blogging career as a business and I will advise you to Build a Business instead of chasing statistics and money. The money will automatically follow you. 

Success is a Journey, Not a Destination Likewise Blogging is a Journey, Not a Destination.

Blogging can be Hardest at the Start: Sometimes it can be very overwhelming at the start. Having a proper mindset can easily solve this issue. 

You need to work the hardest in the beginning and it will be rewarded the least. Blogging is not fun at the beginning but can be fruitful later.

Be Ready to Accept the Rejections and Failure: Have you ever seen a pendulum?

Yes! I know your answer is YES…

The equilibrium in the pendulum swings forward in the same ratio of distance as it swings back and the same applies in our career as well.

The Key to Success is in Massive Failure.

You cannot swing the pendulum in one direction. Likewise, you cannot only taste success without tasting any failure and rejections.

If you want to be Successful Increase the rate of your Failure.

Darren Hardy has mentioned this in a Pendulum Effect Concept. 

According to Darren Hardy, one side of the pendulum has failure, defeat, rejection, pain, sadness, etc and the other has success, victory, joy, happiness, acceptance, etc.

To taste success, comfort and acceptance you have to taste failure, discomfort and rejection as well. I have already mentioned that you cannot swing the pendulum in one direction.

You can watch the complete Darren Hardy’s video to dig deep in this topic.

The Mindset of Hard Work: I won’t say that you don’t need hard work. You need to work hard, especially when you are starting. But you need Smart Work throughout your blogging journey.

Apply Brick by brick Concept. One Blog post at a time. I will give you all the details in this post on how you can mix hard work and smart work when you are creating your website/blog.

The One Percent Rule: Try to improve yourself and your blogging business one percent every day. You can do this by learning new things related to your niche every day. If you do this you will grow by 300 percent year after year.

Always welcome new learning opportunities from your mentors, colleagues, coaches and teachers.

Don’t Let Fear Influence your Decision Making Ability: You have to face the fear whether it is a fear of success or fear of failure. 

I used to have a fear of success and failure both and this influenced my decision-making ability. Once you face the fear, everything will be easy for you. Don’t let “what if” take over your mind.

Be happy if you encountered any obstacles while creating your blog. 



How can anyone be happy if he has an obstacle to tackle?

You might be thinking the same. So let me explain giving my example. 

Whenever I had some issues with my website in my initial days of blogging. I was very stressed and overwhelmed.

I thought that my life and blogging career is over. This behaviour of mine doesn’t solve the problem instead I wasted my time.


Now I changed my approach. I don’t get stressed now instead I take it as a new challenge and learning opportunity. 

Now I feel happy because I can improve myself one percent every day and I can learn new things. 

This happened because of my new version of mindset. Now I believe that I can solve any obstacle/problem. I don’t see myself as a victim anymore. Now I understand that fear and doubt is not the truth.

I go to google and search for the same problem and guess what there are many who faced the same problem and they have the answer for the same. 

Just remember one thing. Seeking help from your niche communities is the real power of blogging.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

No More Excuses: I always had some excuses when I tried to take some action. Remember one thing you always have a choice. Either you make excuses and do nothing or you take action. I changed my mindset and took action and now I am reaping the fruits.

The Power of Now: Most of the time we think of the past and the future. Neither we have control over the past nor the future.

I was also in the same boat a couple of years ago. I always thought I could have done this in the past and I have to do this in the future. These thoughts were no good to me and made me procrastinate.

Now I am totally changed. I always think of what I can do right now. This shift in my mind shift helped me a lot. I don’t procrastinate anymore. Remember one thing, Now is the right time.

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome and Online Hype: Try not to get attracted to the next Shiny Object and Online Hype. Stick to your plan and work on that.

You will find many online so-called Experts and Gurus who will pitch their products and services every then and now without providing any real values.

Avoid and stop following those who don’t add values and often promote their products. You will waste your hard-earned money and time following them.

Stop Chasing the Money: Always try to add values to your readers. Don’t be desperate for the money, add values and the money will chase you.

Build a Private Influencer Network (PIN): When I started blogging, PBNs (Private Blog Networks) were quite common. Time has changed and this doesn’t work anymore, in fact, this may harm your website. 

Try to connect with influencers in your niche. This is will give a boost to your website while building backlinks.

Note: Blogging is not for you if you want an income from your blog right now. It takes time so better grab a job and start your blog in the side. Once your blog gives you enough income per month then quit your job.

Patience is the Key to Success: The one who doesn’t have patience quits early. Remember one thing as every day is passing by someone is dropping out. In the end, you and a couple of bloggers will enjoy the traffic.

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  1. Karan bro mazing article really helped me identify Shiny Object Syndrome thank for amazing mindset tips to follow and upgrade our blogging mindset.


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